Services We Offer

Sofer - Scribe

Sofers or Scribes write, inspect and repair mezuzahs, ketubahs, tefillin, Torahs and more. At Breslov Judaic Centre, there is no outsourcing when it comes to this invaluable halachic work.

Check For Kashrus

The Torah has many laws that speak to the uniqueness that distinguish and speak to Jews. Kashrut, be it food and vitamins, clothing or instruments of prayer, all pay an integral role in that regard.


With precision skill, Breslov owner Rabbi Goldberg can repair kashrut shortcomings such as when black ink wears off tefillin straps, if tefillin boxes develop rounded corners or when tzitzit are insufficient in length.


The Torah forbids us to wear clothes containing both linen and wool. Breslov Centre’s Rabbi Goldberg has decades of experience in placing clothing under high level of scrutiny to determine if it indeed kosher.